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  • Umibe no Etranger, an Emotional Coming of Age BL Story

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    "Umibe no Étranger" is a Japanese BL (Boys' Love) manga written and illustrated by Kanna Kii, which was later adapted into an anime film in 2020. The story follows two men, Shun and Mio, who meet on a remote island and develop a relationship over the course of a summer.

    The manga is well written and beautifully illustrated, with a strong focus on the emotions and inner struggles of the two main characters. Kanna Kii's art style is delicate and detailed, capturing the natural beauty of the island and the complex emotions of the characters.

    The film adaptation captures the essence of the manga, but it feels rushed and doesn't fully explore the depths of the characters' feelings and backstories. However, it still delivers a satisfying and emotionally impactful story.

    Overall, "Umibe no Étranger" is a beautiful and emotional story that explores themes of love, loss, and acceptance. It is a must-read/watch for fans of BL, as well as anyone who enjoys stories with well-developed characters and a poignant message.


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