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  • Dear Benjamin, a gripping, empowering read - a quick review


    "Dear Benjamin" is a webcomic by Kaisar Komik, which tells the story of a high school student named Benjamin who is struggling with his sexuality and the challenges that come with it. The comic explores themes such as self-discovery, acceptance, and coming out, and it does so in a very heartfelt and relatable way.

    One of the strengths of "Dear Benjamin" is its realistic portrayal of the struggles that LGBTQ+ youth face, particularly in conservative or unsupportive environments. The characters are well-developed and the relationships between them are complex and nuanced. The story is also well-paced and engaging, keeping the reader invested in Benjamin's journey of self-discovery.

    Additionally, the artwork is stunning, with beautiful, detailed character designs and vibrant, expressive colors. The panel layouts are dynamic and help to convey the emotions and actions of the characters.

    Overall, "Dear Benjamin" is a well-crafted and emotionally resonant comic that tackles important issues with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. It's a must-read for anyone who enjoys LGBTQ+ stories or coming-of-age tales.


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