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  • Coming out on Top | Game Review and some Tips



    "Coming Out on Top", an adult visual novel game developed and published by Obscurasoft. Please note that the game contains mature content and is not suitable for minors.


    The game follows the story of Mark Matthews, a college student who is coming to terms with his sexuality. The game is divided into several chapters, each focusing on a different character that Mark can romance. The characters include his roommates, classmates, and other individuals he meets throughout the game.


    "Coming Out on Top" is a visual novel game that features decision-based gameplay. Players must make choices throughout the game that affect the story's outcome and determine which characters Mark will romance. The game also includes various mini-games and puzzles that must be completed to progress through the story.

    Graphics and Sound:

    The game's graphics are well-designed and feature a colorful and vibrant art style. The characters are well-drawn and feature distinct personalities and physical traits. The game's sound design is also impressive, with a variety of sound effects and a fitting musical score.

    Mature Content:

    The game contains explicit sexual content, including nudity, graphic depictions of sexual acts, and mature language. Players should be of legal age to access and play the game. It is important to note that the game does include a content warning and allows players to toggle the mature content on and off.

    Overall Impressions:

    "Coming Out on Top" is an engaging and well-written game that addresses important themes related to sexuality and self-discovery. The game's story is well-crafted, and the characters are relatable and likable. The gameplay is entertaining, and the mini-games and puzzles add a layer of challenge to the experience. The game's mature content is handled tastefully and is never gratuitous. Overall, "Coming Out on Top" is a must-play for fans of visual novel games, but players should be aware of the mature content and play responsibly.

    Playing the Game:

    Here is a general walkthrough for the game:

    1. Start the game and choose Mark Matthews as your character.

    2. Customize Mark's appearance, name, and other details.

    3. The game begins with Mark returning to college after a summer break. You will meet the various characters and begin to interact with them.

    4. Your choices and actions will determine the outcome of your relationships with the other characters in the game.

    5. The game has multiple endings depending on which character you pursue and the choices you make throughout the game.

    6. The game's progression is broken down into days, with each day representing a new chapter.

    7. On each day, you will be presented with choices that will affect the outcome of the game. Make sure to save your progress often so you can go back and try different choices if necessary.

    8. To romance a character, you will need to increase your relationship score with them. This is done by choosing dialogue options that appeal to their personality, giving them gifts, or going on dates with them.

    9. The game also includes adult content, which can be accessed by choosing the appropriate dialogue options during intimate scenes.

    10. Remember that each character has their own personality and preferences, so make sure to pay attention to what they like and dislike.


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