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  • Rekindling Old Flame | SasuNaru


    Naruto sat quietly on a bench in the park, watching the leaves fall from the trees. He was lost in thought, contemplating the recent mission he and Sasuke had completed. It was their first mission together in years, and Naruto had been worried about working with Sasuke again. But as they fought side by side, Naruto couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia wash over him. It reminded him of the days when they were on the same team, and he felt a pang of longing for those simpler times.

    Suddenly, he felt someone sit down next to him. He looked up and saw Sasuke, who was also lost in thought. They sat in silence for a few minutes, until Naruto finally spoke up.

    "Hey, Sasuke... I've been thinking about our mission. It was good working with you again."

    Sasuke nodded, still lost in thought. Naruto could tell something was bothering him.

    "Is something on your mind?" Naruto asked.

    Sasuke hesitated for a moment before speaking. "It's just... I couldn't help but think about the past. The times we spent together as a team. And how much has changed since then."

    Naruto nodded. "Yeah, I know what you mean. But we're still friends, right?"

    Sasuke looked at Naruto, a hint of sadness in his eyes. "Yeah, we're still friends."

    Naruto sensed there was more to it than that. "Is there something else bothering you?"

    Sasuke hesitated again before finally speaking his mind. "I... I miss you, Naruto. I miss the way things used to be. I miss our team, and I miss... us."

    Naruto's heart skipped a beat. Did Sasuke just...?

    "Sasuke... what do you mean by 'us'?" Naruto asked, trying to hide his excitement.

    Sasuke took a deep breath. "I mean... I miss the way we used to be. When we were closer. When we were... more than friends."

    Naruto felt his face turn red. He had always had feelings for Sasuke, but he never thought Sasuke felt the same way.

    "Sasuke, I... I feel the same way," Naruto admitted, his heart racing.

    Sasuke looked at Naruto, a small smile on his face. "Then maybe... we can try to get back what we lost."

    Naruto smiled back, feeling a sense of hope he hadn't felt in years. "I'd like that, Sasuke. I'd like that a lot."

    And with that, they leaned in and shared their first kiss in years, sealing their newfound love and hope for the future.


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